By signing up you will have access to our cloud based Xesto API, which will provide you with a platform to recognize and record your custom gestures, regardless the specificity of the device. We are currently developed to support the LeapMotion, but will soon be introducing further supported devices.

What does ‘Beta’ mean?

Xesto is an early stage startup that has tested with a private Beta group. By opening this to the public, we want to give you early access to our features which will allow us to tweak them with improvements. When we make changes, we will post a notice and may temporarily go offline. These changes will be documented, and planned releases will be noted in advance on the portal.

What will this cost me?

Nothing. Being the new kid on the block, we want you to get to know us by using Xesto for freeOur mission is to provide you with a strong and reliable gesture recognition platform, and your feedback and use of Xesto is critical to this development.

How does the Beta work?

Since this is our first time going public with our Beta, we want to involve you in the process. When it comes to rooting out problems, testing the software, and building with it, the sooner we receive your feedback the stronger Xesto will be. When training your gestures on Xesto (documentation provided) you get to integrate gesture recognition into your applications and easily transfer from one application to the next. We are using the Beta phase to collect feedback on our current model in order to create a future platform as intuitive and easy to use as possible.


We’ve heard from you. We know how tedious and time consuming it is to work with gesture hardware so we’ve created a solution. Xesto gives you a platform to quickly train and retain your gestures, leaving you with all that free time to do the things you love.

Maybe you will build more.

Maybe you will enhance content.

Maybe you will hack something new.

We want to see you do exciting things.