This page will be updated periodically. If you have any additional questions you can send us an email and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

What hardware does Xesto support? 

We are currently in our Open Beta and support the Leap Motion but will soon support metadata needs across various devices. Once we receive feedback and hear from you, we will expand into the next device. You tell us what you want that to be. 

What languages does Xesto support?

Currently, JavaScript. In the future? You tell us.

Why do I need this?

Xesto decreases latency and increases responsiveness and accuracy in classifying gestures. We take the headache out of gestural recognition development, you get to reallocate that focus to whatever you need to bring your product to the market. With analytical tools to come, we will provide you with more context for input and lead to greater immersion.

Will integrating Xesto be tedious and require significant training?

No! We will be providing full implementation docs. Xesto is here to make your lives easier, and gesture recognition reliable and fun. No more gestural recognition solution development required, we only require API request authentication. We are here to help you bring your product to the market quicker.

Imagine what you will do with all that free time.